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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Phoenix

The all-time hottest weather temperature ever recorded in the city of Phoenix, and the state of Arizona.

These are the ten hottest weather temperature days in the history of the city of Phoenix, Arizona, dating back to 1895. The all-time record hottest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix is 122 degrees, which occurred on June 26, 1990.

As anyone who has ever traveled to, or lived in, the city of Phoenix knows, it can get pretty hot there. One hundred degree days are not rare in Phoenix. On average, the city experiences 92 days of 100 or more degree weather days per year. The longest stretch of continuous 100 degree days is 76, which occurred from the 10th of June through the 24th of August in 1993.

The greatest number of 100 degree days in a year in Phoenix history is 143, which occurred in 1989. The fewest number of 100 degree days in a year is 48, which occurred in 1913. For comparison purposes, the city of New York has only had 59 total 100 degree weather temperature days dating back to 1870.

The earliest 100 degree weather day in Phoenix occurred on March 26, 1988. The latest 100 degree weather date occurred on October 23, 2003. Every single date from April 25 to October 23 has had at least one 100 degree weather date recorded on it since 1895.

The all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in the state of Arizona is 128 degrees, which occurred in Lake Havasu on June 29, 1994, and also occurred on July 5, 2007.

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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Phoenix

1. June 26, 1990 - 122

2. July 28, 1995 - 121

3. June 25, 1990 - 120

T-4. July 2, 2011 - 118

T-4. July 21, 2006 - 118

T-4. July 27, 1995 - 118

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T-4. June 28, 1990 - 118

T-4. June 27, 1990 - 118

T-4. July 4, 1989 - 118

T-4. July 11, 1958 - 118

The hottest month of the year in Phoenix, Arizona is July with an average daily temperature of 106.2. The second hottest month is August at 104.5 degrees, followed closely by June at 104 degrees, and then September 100 degree even.

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